Itamaraty makes a list to rescue 86 more Brazilians in Gaza

Itamaraty makes a list to rescue 86 more Brazilians in Gaza

2023-11-21 02:52:11

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Gaza Parliament

A second list with 86 names of Brazilians and Palestinian relatives who wish to leave the Gaza Strip was formed, marking another chapter in the complex withdrawal operation amid the conflict in the region.

The first list, authorized to leave around ten days ago, contained 32 people, including children, who were awaiting the opportunity to leave the area affected by the recent conflicts.

The new list has already been delivered to Israel, which, in turn, will transmit it to Egypt on Tuesday. Both countries control the border that separates Gaza from Egyptian territory, and their cooperation is essential for the safe exit of those interested.

For those who claim to be foreigners and wish to leave, there are criteria to be met, including proof of kinship and regular documentation.

Around 3,000 foreigners, including 32 Brazilians and their Palestinian relatives, are anxiously awaiting authorization to leave Gaza, facing a wait that has already exceeded 20 days since the start of the conflict.

In addition to Israel and Egypt, other international actors are also involved in negotiations for the release of nationals. The United States and Qatar have played a significant role in this delicate process, seeking to facilitate the exit of those trapped amid instability in the region.

The first flight with the 32 rescued, including Brazilians, finally landed in Brasília more than a month after the start of the conflict.

On board were 22 Brazilian citizens and 10 Palestinians, relatives of the Brazilians and holders of the National Migration Registry. This event marked a relief for those who were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to leave the conflict zone and find security and stability in their final destinations.

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