iTEG. Event dedicated to food and wine tourism: 10 -12 June in Puglia

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iTEG: Project, Doing, TEGing from 10 to 12 June – Oasi Quattro Colonne – Nardò (Lecce) The spotlight is on iTEG, an event dedicated to Food and Wine Tourism organized by Mqallestimenti srl per TEGing Puglia in a setting of excellence, theFour Columns Oasis in Santa Maria al Bagno, in the province of Lecce. A claim “Project, Doing, TEGing” which aims to strategically relaunch the tourism sector through a union that is fundamental today: that between design and construction. iTeg will embrace tourism at 360 degrees, with specific focus, a dedicated work team ready to create tailor-made offers and with the aim of generating international incoming.

“Project, Doing, TEGing”

Targeted appointments, innovative and engaging formulas, designed to enhance the affiliates of the TEGing project and to express the strength of the networks that compose it. The keystone of the event will be operations, with innovative B2B meetings where the intermediaries will present themselves to the companies, e four thematic panels to provide new opportunities and tools to the entire sector: from Unconventional Foodies to TEG Hospitality, passing through iTEG Tools and the presentation of TEGing Co-projects.

National and international operators

An important presence during the event will be that of national and international intermediaries and operators specialized in food and wine tourism, identified and selected by our European representatives, both in the world and within our networks, guaranteeing immediately a strong strategic involvement and operational. Dedicated areas, such as TEG Hub for experiences and tastings; L’iTEG Room for business and operational activities andiTEG Hall which will be the center of congress activities. iTEG will be the ideal place to present a company or a network of companies, thanks to the presence of important intermediaries and the many logistics solutions proposed, with offices, lounges and dedicated areas complete with all facilities.

TEGing Puglia

Paola Puzzovio

It will also be an opportunity to present activities and projects born in the first year of TEGing Puglia and all the opportunities that these have generated for the food and wine tourism sector. The splendid location Oasi Quattro Colonne, in Santa Maria al Bagno, will allow you to play an open air event, sanitized and made safe by contingent entrances and rapid swabs performed on site thanks to our partners “Vear srl” and “Check-Up Center”, for an event in presence but in absolute safety.

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iTeg will have online coverage, to allow all interested parties to take part in the event, even remotely.
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