It’s called Starbase, the private city that Elon Musk would like in Texas

by time news – While waiting to land on the Moon, Elon Musk’s ‘SpaceX’ has found a place to build its own city. Not on the red planet, but much closer: in Texas, three kilometers from the mouth of the Rio Grande, near the border with Mexico.

The name has already been chosen: “Starbase”. A six-word message on theaccount ufficiale su Twitter, “Creating the city of Starbase, Texas”, Aimed at its over 48 million followers, to spark attention around the new project of the visionary billionaire of South African origin.

It will be in the same area as Boca Chica, a small town in southern Texas, home to the Musk space base, ‘SpaceX’, but it will have to become much larger. The Tesla founder will not just change the name, from Boca Chica to Starbase, but to expand the settlement to transform it into a livable city of the future, with autonomous regulation and its own laws, as a kind of ‘private city. ‘, on the wave of the hi-tech ones that are beginning to be talked about in Arizona.

To create the new city, SpaceX would like to push the residents of the area to sign a petition to vote on the possibility of being able to organize themselves independently, with laws and regulations.

In Arizona there has long been talk of creating private cities in which the directors could directly be the CEOs of the proprietary hi-tech companies. Something similar could happen in Texas with ‘Starbase’.

Meanwhile, Musk aims to equip the area with a number of infrastructures, such as a public water system, since so far the water is brought in by tankers that leave from nearby Brownsville and is stored in huge tanks.

To make this story not the usual science fiction suggestion, there is the official statement of the county of Cameron, with which the administrators announced that they had been contacted by SpaceX and that they had received the notification to change the name of the village.

“If Elon Musk wants to go all the way – confirmed the county judge, Eddie Trevino – he will have to follow all the procedures required by law. A tweet is not enough ”.

The tweet confirms that Musk is increasingly determined to leave California. A year ago, after the outbreak of the pandemic, Tesla’s founder went into a clash with Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

Musk called the decision to impose the lockdown “fascist”. “Give us back our damned freedom,” was his comment.

Texas, where all the limitations related to the pandemic have been lifted since yesterday and the return to ‘normality’ has been announced, indirectly provided another assist to Musk to remove all delay and move all his production to the southern state.

Yesterday’s tweet, on the same day Texas lifted the bans, seems to confirm that the journey has begun. If it is shorter than the one on the Moon, we will understand it in the coming months.


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