It’s good that the Labor Court is putting gorillas in their place

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You have to admit one thing to gorillas: they leave no stone unturned. When it comes to curtailing the rights of its employees, the company is shamefully creative. The delivery service start-up has recently been trying out a franchise system. The 18 Berlin warehouses are now independent companies. By breaking up into individual companies, Gorillas is pursuing a clear goal: There should not be a works council that is responsible for all employees. Ideally, there should be no representation at all.

What gorillas do is union busting

What gorillas do is a clear case of union busting, i.e. systematic obstruction of union work and lobbying. Such behavior has nothing to do with the social market economy. It is good that the Berlin Labor Court put a stop to this on Wednesday. At least the planned works council election can take place in the coming week.

Does this also mean that gorillas have returned to normal in terms of labor law? That would be welcome. Only: it is unlikely. The company has the right to continue to sue through the courts. The division into sub-companies cannot be reversed by court order. If the works council is elected, it could look like a king without an empire. But one thing is also certain: the employees will continue to fight for their rights. You deserve solidarity.

Gorillas is not just about cycling

It’s about riding, not about politics. Gorillas are all about cycling, not politics. This is how CEO Kağan Sümer said when the protests flared up again in the summer. Even then, this statement seemed strangely remote. After all, there is a tough business model behind Gorillas. Social responsibility quickly falls by the wayside. It is good if the public continues to look closely. And also make it clear to the courts: employee rights are non-negotiable.

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