It’s official, Alonsomania has been unleashed

It’s official, Alonsomania has been unleashed

The last race of the 2012 season of Formula 1, a November 25 in Brazil. That Sunday afternoon “Half Spain” I was watching TV to cheer up Fernando Alonso. The third title was possible and he had the charm of being able to achieve it with Ferrari, the culmination for any fan, purist or not, of this sport. For a few minutes, after a run off the Vettel that led him to the tail of the pack, the country began to vibrate as it did in 2005 y 2006 with the two Asturian championships. However, the Red Bull man came back and Alonso could do nothing. That day he “finished” the Alonsomania.

A year later, the Spanish driver left Ferrari (which to this day continues without winning) to sign for McLaren-Honda and in 2018 he announced his retirement. The dream of the third title and getting back to the top of the podium was fading little by little… It was a see you later, but the return to Alpine, to the place where he touched glory, turned into a nightmare.

But Alonsomania was still latent, crouching, and has re-emerged like a beast after the first two races of the year with the team Aston Martin. The best Alonso is back and with him the millions of followers that he drags around the world. What seemed unthinkable today is a reality. He has been on the podium in the first two rounds of the season and the performance of the car and driver has delighted Spain and many Formula 1 fans, who see Alonso as a man with race, one of those who engage at all times and convert the driving into something magical. how he did it Senna.

He Spanish Grand Prix of F1, which will be held in Barcelona in the first days of June, has already sold out (there are only a few left from Paddock Club at a rate of 5,000 euros per person) and the big traffic jams and unforgettable afternoons are expected to return. Seeing Alonso win again is something that many want. More than a decade has passed since his last victory, but support for Alonso remains. And that is not a figure that is treated well in the Netflix series dedicated to F1, one of the keys for this sport to now be liked by everyone on the entire planet. The Spaniard has a contract with Amazon television and that has not benefited him, however, he has such a pull that the organization itself Formula 1 has not stopped exploiting it. The official team clothing, for sale on different websites, does not have an affordable price, but it is striking that many products have the sign below with the legend: “almost sold out”.

Alonso recognized in the press conference prior to the Australian GP, that “it is crazy to see how Spain is now so enthusiastic, again, for Formula 1 and for everything that is happening. I hope that the whole country has enjoyed these first two podiums, I think that in Barcelona it will be something big this year again », he affirmed in Albert Park. «All these things that are happening now on social networks … It was ‘The Plan’ three years ago, and then ‘La Misión’, and now the 33rd victory. There are many people pending this 33, from footballers to tennis players, everyone is doing something with 33, “he said after Carlos Alcaraz winked at the Miami tournament, who after winning his round of 16 match wrote on camera «33… soon».

“Hopefully we can reach that number of victories that is talked about so much, and then we go for 34,” added Alonso. The Spaniard reacted to the information that says that the last time the Australian GP was held on April 2, it was he who got on the first drawer. “I did not know that”, he recognized. “Did you know that the 101st podium out of the other five drivers who reached 100 podiums was a race win?” they asked. “So, too many coincidences now,” she quipped.

The fact is that Alonso is admired by all and even Max Verstappen, rival and dominator of the championship, wishes the best to the Oviedo: «I think that Fernando should have already won many more races than he has achieved, I think he deserves more. Yes, I would be very happy to see him win the number 33 and also, in a way, I would like to see him win more, so we will see in this next race, “he said. Verstappen in Australia, where the third race of the world championship will be held this weekend. The alonsomania It has been unleashed and there is no one to stop it.


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