«It’s the last bullet we have» :: zerozero.pt

«It’s the last bullet we have» :: zerozero.pt

2023-06-03 18:40:32

With maintenance at risk, Celta de Vigo, from Carlos Carvalhal, receives champion Barcelona, ​​in the last round of LaLiga. The Portuguese coach assumed that this match has an added weight in the club’s pretensions, with the team having to perform at the best level at the Municipal de Balaídos.

“It is the last bullet we have. Players and people feel it. We feel it and that’s positive. It’s in our hands [a permanência] and we can do it. We have to lower the anxiety level of the players a bit. The heart is full, but the head has to be a little cool. Games are not won with the heart alone, you also need the head», he warned at the preview press conference.

Despite the delicate position, the 57-year-old coach was confident: “It’s going to be a great night for Celta. That’s what we all hope for. May we be happy because it’s a great club, with a fantastic fan base that deserves everything. We are determined to give them joy and we will fight hard to do so. We have respect for Barcelona, ​​but we want the three points. We are prepared and very focused on what we set out to do».

«Everyone is ready and knows what they have to do, knowing that they have to dispute the result against the strongest team in the League and precisely the champion. We are all together and united. No more problems. If there is a situation, there will not be, because tomorrow we will play a final in which our lives are at stake », he concluded.

Remember that the celestial are a point above the waterline, certainly not wanting to be dependent on the result of Valladolid against Getafe.




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