Iveco Fidato appears as a stylish van in China

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Iveco launched an exclusive product for China and with two names, one local and one international, namely Juxing and Fidato. It is a medium-sized van with a stylish look and shares a base with the Maxus V70.

The Iveco Fidato is made by Nanjing-Iveco, a holdover from Nanjing-Fiat, which once made the Perla, the enlarged version of the old Siena. The new Iveco van initially appears only in a passenger and glazed version, that is, convertible for a van.

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Measuring 4,998 m in length, 2,030 m in width, 2,035 m in height and 3,000 m in wheelbase, the Iveco Fidato embodies a style that is not from the Italian brand but from the Maxus partnership, part of SAIC.

With LED headlights and LED daytime running lights with four projectors in the same lens, the Iveco Fidato has the brand name stamped on the front, absent from the upper grille, with a larger one at the bottom and fused with the bodywork.

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There, fog lights and auxiliary LEDs stand out in side frames, while the sides of the Fidato have a low belt line up to the side door and the glasses are glued to that part, with mirrors with an aerodynamic base.

At the rear, Fidato has vertical LED lanterns and glass glued as portholes in the upper part of the double door accessing the saloon, while the roof can be standard or raised, providing a large internal volume for cargo or people.

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By the way, Fidato will reach the Chinese market with versions for five, six, eight or nine people, and may optionally have sliding side windows, as well as an electrically operated side door, among others.

The interior was not shown, except for rear seating configurations when on record with the Ministry of Industry and Information of China.

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What is known in fact is that the 2.0 diesel engine (supposedly Multijet) has 150 horsepower and 38.1 kgfm, being Euro 6-b and with an average consumption of 13.5 km/l.

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