ivi lost leadership in the number of subscribers to Kinopoisk

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The long-term leader among online cinemas ivi for the first time yielded the leadership in the number of subscribers to Kinopoisk HD, the research company GfK calculated. She published a rating of online cinemas in Russia for the second quarter of 2021.

In total, 38% of residents of Russian cities aged 16–55 used to subscribe to online cinemas in the second quarter. Of these, 23% are paid subscription users. The data were obtained as a result of an online survey of 7.5 thousand respondents of this age.

In terms of the total number of subscribers and the number of paying users, Kinopoisk HD, owned by Yandex, became the leader for the first time. 11% of residents subscribed to this service, of which 6.5% were paying subscribers. Online cinema ivi in ​​the second quarter moved from first to second place: 10.7% of residents of Russian cities, including 5.5% of paying subscribers, signed up for the service. Sberbank’s Okko service closes the top three (6% – the total number of subscribers, 3% – paying). Netflix, localized in Russia in the fall of 2020, is already in fifth place in terms of the number of subscribers. 4.4% of respondents have subscribed to it, including 2.8% pay for a subscription.

The largest increase in paying subscribers in the second quarter of 2021 was shown by Kinopoisk and Wink (Rostelecom’s service). Megogo is the only video service in which the number of paying subscribers has decreased: from 1.4% in the first quarter of 2021 to 1.3% in the second.

Viktor Chekanov, CEO of Megogo in Russia, considers the data on this service irrelevant: in the second quarter, Megogo had an increase in the number of paying subscribers, both by 2020 and by the first quarter of this year, he insists. “It would also be nice to compare the resulting figures with the data that the company has,” he says.

Ivi did not comment on the study.

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