The 48-year-old rapper told about the disease now outdated in a video on social media | Courier TV

In a 4-minute video posted on social media, of which we publish an excerpt, J-Ax tells his 2.4 million followers about his experience with illness, fear and anger. “It was one of the worst times of my life, the worst. I’ve had moments where I’ve been sick, but never, never like Covid. It is impossible to explain, if you have not experienced it on your skin it is impossible ». The 48-year-old rapper, Alessandro Aleotti at the registry office, goes into details: «It’s the worst headache of your life, I had to take 4 different drugs to try to calm it down and they didn’t work and I was still lying in bed unable to move. Your stomach bends in two, all the bones don’t stop hurting you, this and more that I avoid telling you, all at the same time and above all the anxiety of not knowing what will happen, if it will only be this or if it will get worse. It is the fear, as happened to my wife and me, of being able to leave our orphaned child ”


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