Jacky Ben Zaken was present at the meeting between Abramov and Nir Barkat

Gidi Lipkin

Jacky Ben Zaken (Shahar Gross)

After Barak Abramov had already announced that he would withdraw from the purchase of Beitar Jerusalem, a turning point came tonight (between Tuesday and Wednesday), when, as first published in ONE, a night meeting was held at Nir Barkat’s house, in which Barak Abramov and Joshua Jacobi were present. Now it turns out that the owner of MS Ashdod, Jacky Ben Zaken, also appeared during it. He arrived at 01:45 as a representative on behalf of Moshe Hogg, with whom he has good friendly relations and the two even had joint businesses in the past.

During the meeting, it became clear to those present that Joshua Jacobi, who was ready to give two million NIS, demanded a position in the club with a salary of 150 thousand dollars, and at that moment it was dropped. One of those present at the meeting told him that he was “delusional” and Barak Abramov said that if he demands 150 thousand then he deserves 300 thousand and added: “We are here to help the club not make a profit”.

As mentioned, Jacobi’s demand astonished those present at the meeting, but finally Nir Barkat announced that he had managed to raise two million shekels from a foreign resident for the benefit of Beitar. This is a resident from South Africa who previously donated to Beitar when Itzik Kornfein was chairman, and every time Barakat turns to him he helps. The person is not interested in publicity and does it out of the goodness of his heart, when in the past he donated millions of dollars for the benefit of the city of Jerusalem.

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