Jaffa, Kfar Shalem and Kafr Qassem in the battle for national immigration

Jaffa, Kfar Shalem and Kafr Qassem in the battle for national immigration

The last round (34) in League A South is expected to provide us with real drama. All games tomorrow (Wednesday) will take place at the same time (16:15), except for two games that will be played tonight (Tuesday). Hapoel Bnei Lod will host Jeremiah Holon and Samson Tel Aviv will face Shaareiim. On Wednesday, as mentioned, the most exciting games will take place in the home of the three leaders: Maccabi Kabilio Jaffa, Hapoel Kfar Shalem and Shimshon Kfar Qassem.

Every stumble, the smallest, of Jaffa, will buy the championship for Kfar Shalem or Kfar Qassem on the condition that they win. At the bottom of the table: Ksaifa will have to keep a relatively clean net against Samson Kfar Qassem and hope that Maccabi Herzliya and Elad Brown will not be humiliated against Hapoel Azor. What separates the two is three points and a better goal ratio in favor of Kaseifa (3- vs. 7- of an area). If Kasifa is defeated and Azor scores in bundles, it will be a miracle that the latter stays in the league at the expense of Kasifa.

Maccabi Kabilio Jaffa – Maccabi Yavne (Wednesday, Ramla, 16:15)

A game, on paper, anything can happen in it. Jaffa depends only on itself. Only a win will guarantee her the championship that will lead her to the National League next season. Very high alertness in Jaffa. Exemplary silence in the club. No one knows what’s going on there, including her addicted fans. Yossi Zuzot dismissed any and all allegations against his team. The club have yet to say the last word about the top playoffs. The Blue Yellows will come to play their game as they have done so far. Only one point (at least), plus a stumble by Marmorek, fifth place will be guaranteed for Birch. Itzik Baruch Yonaf at the end of the game on the shoulders of Eran Levy? Great Wednesday. that’s for sure.

Kabilio Jaffa players celebrate (Martin Gutdamek)

Hapoel Kfar Shalem – Maccabi Urban Ashdod (Wednesday, Tel Aviv Sportek South 1, 16:15)

Omar Peretz and his team want to see Jaffa stumble against Yavne. In an entire village, they are so confident that they know that the game is against Ashdod. Ashdod and Yossi Hakim have nothing to play for, other than their honor and the respect of their fans – the homeowners. Kfar Shalem will look for the full points to ensure, at least, the second place, and if possible – also the first place and promotion to the national league. The orange color from Tel Aviv will celebrate at the end?

Kfar Shalem players (Micha Benano)Kfar Shalem players (Micha Benano)

Samson Kfar Qassem – Urbani Kassifa (Wednesday, Kfar Qassem, 16:15)

A real battle is expected in Kafr Qassem. On the one hand, Yuval Naim and his trainees will seek to trample Kaseifa, but the latter wants one thing: a loss or a draw result in an area, so that any result, even at the cost of a loss, will leave her a chance in the test matches against a second division representative (Amishav Petah Tikva or Netivot ). In Kafr Qassem they dream of making it to the national league, hoping that Shifu and Kfar Shalem will take out only one point from their opponent. The chances of that are nil, but they do exist. Kasifa is not a simple rival at all, of course she’s fighting for her life at the bottom.

Yuval Naim (Micha Benano)Yuval Naim (Micha Benano)

Shimshon Tel Aviv – Maccabi Sha’arim (Tuesday, Petah Tikva, synthetic training, 19:00)

An unimportant table center game for the two clubs that have completed the task: to stay in the league. Shaareiim arrives for the match after defeating Hapoel Marmorek at home in the street derby. Gates proved to Marmorek what color he dominates the city. The victory came after a less convincing period of goals. Samson Tel Aviv, on the other hand, parted ways with Bnei Eilat 0-0, who were looking for three points in order not to find themselves complicated against Kaseifa. A pretty balanced game awaits us. We may even see quite a few goals in a completely open game.

Hapoel Bnei Lod – M.K. Jeremiah Holon (Tuesday, Lod, 5:30 p.m.)

An unimportant edge game. Bnei Lod will play in the second division next season, alongside its “sister”, Hapoel Lod. Holon secured the fourth place leading to the top playoff games. Now just wait and see who is expected to host her from the top three. Both teams look less impressive lately. Whoever wins, will end the regular season in good taste. Lod’s last victory, in the last round against Ashkelon, was not one of the most convincing that the club knew this season.

Jeremiah Holon Group (Courtesy of the Club)Jeremiah Holon Group (Courtesy of the Club)

Hapoel Azor – Maccabi Herzliya (Wednesday, Azor, 16:15)

Playing for an entire season. Maccabi Herzliya and Elad Brown will arrive after not achieving their goal in the league. The decline to the bottom of the table almost caused the club members to have a heart attack. Herzliya depends on itself. If you win – stay in the official league and start preparing for next season. Area in much more difficult condition. Shimon Vaknin and his trainees are in need of defeating Herzliya and praying that Kfar Qassem will also defeat Kuseife. Only in this way will they be able to reach the test match against a representative of the Second Division. Only a miracle will bring this result. Herzliya will not give up so easily, she certainly knows what awaits her if she loses.

Dimona Sports Club – Bnei Eilat (Wednesday, Dimona, 16:15)

A southern “derby” game between two teams that got to the bottom of the table inevitably in the face of problems, whether budgetary or systemic. Dimona has finished the season. You will have to think very well what budget is next season and who is bringing in its staff. Public money cannot be poured out like oil in a stream that flows naturally in pastoral territory. Amir Cohen and Eilat want to end the season. Finish in good taste. Win. To win and return home and celebrate the heroic stay in such a difficult season for the club that only last summer he was promoted from the second division to the first division.

MS Dimona players (Photo: Assi Ifergan)MS Dimona players (Photo: Assi Ifergan)

Hapoel Marmorek – Betar Nordia Jerusalem (Wednesday, Weissgal Synthetic Streets, 16:15)

Gadi Carmeli and the young and talented guys at his disposal will surprise David Marten and his veteran and talented team that wants to reach the top playoffs at the expense of Maccabi Yavne? Betar Nordia Jerusalem has already been relegated to the second division. So it has nothing to lose in this game. Carmeli knows that this may be his last game on the lines in Nordia and therefore he will seek to impress all his eulogies. And last in the top playoffs.

Hapoel Jordan Valley – Hapoel Ashkelon (Wednesday, Petah Tikva Synthetic Training, 16:15)

Hanan Azulai and his team stayed in the Dental League in one of the least good seasons Hapoel Jordan Valley has ever known. A game that does not have too much meaning, apart from the fact that if Hapoel Ashkelon leaves the game without yellow cards, it will be the fair team for the 2021/22 season in League A South, so it will be one of the candidates, along with the representative of the fair team in League A North (Hapoel Ruby Shapira Haifa ), Which will compete for a trip to Bosnia, where the UEFA Region’s Cup will be held this summer.

French guy after the draw against Maccabi Tel Aviv

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