Jaffna court reaffirms ban on Heroes’ Day commemoration

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The Jaffna Magistrate’s Court has refused to withdraw the order banning the Heroes’ Day event.

Judge VR Sivalingam of the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court advised that the injunction was permanent and that the defendants should appeal to the High Court if they wanted to object to it.

The Jaffna Magistrate’s Court granted the application filed last Friday on behalf of the officers in charge of Kopay and Jaffna Police Stations.

Arrangements are being made to hold the Maveerar Tomorrow in front of the Army’s 512 Brigade Headquarters, located at the former Maveerar Tuilum Home in Kopay, and in the vicinity of the Jaffna University and the Jaffna Police Station.

The police had demanded that Section 106 of the Code of Criminal Procedure be prohibited under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and that it was a crime to conduct such an event. The petitions were filed last Friday in the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court. The Shivalingam was earlier taken up for hearing. The court issued an injunction restraining the commemoration of Heroes’ Day for one week from November 21 to November 28.

In this case, the lawyers representing the defendants and the attorneys representing the defendants requested that the restraining order be reconsidered with the addition of a deed of transfer.

Accordingly the case was called this afternoon and the submissions on behalf of the defendants were allowed. Leading senior counsel on behalf of the defendants presented a lengthy submission.

Attorneys noted in the submission that the police application should be rejected on the basis that it was granted by the other magistrate courts of the district under the same law. The police submitted a strong objection.

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Judge VR Sivalingam of the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court, after examining the submissions of both the parties, directed that the restraining order could not be withdrawn and that the objections on behalf of the defendants should be taken up in the High Court.


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