‘Jai Beam’ calendar controversy: TS Gnanavell regrets | TJ Gnanavel apologize for Jai Bhim Controversy

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Director on ‘Jay Beam’ calendar controversy த.செ.ஞானவேல் Regretted.

Surya, Manikandan, Lijomol Jose, Rajisha Vijayan, directed by TC Gnanavell Prakashraj ‘Jay Beam’ is a film starring many including. The film has been released on the Amazon Prime ODT site. After watching the film, political leaders, including Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, and various film personalities praised it. The film has been critically acclaimed.

The Pamaka youth leader issued a statement saying that the film was set to insult the Vanniyar community. Anbumani Ramadas Was published. This was followed by voices of protest against Surya on social media.

The director has not yet commented on the matter த.செ.ஞானவேல் He has now issued a statement in this regard.

In it he says:

“It has been proven once again that Tamil land will always welcome good efforts. My thanks to everyone who gave a huge compliment and welcome to the film ‘Jay Beam’.

I wanted this film to be based on real events and to reflect the suffering of the tribal people who are being victimized by false lawsuits. Various abuses of power took place in the 1990s as the death of tribals like Rajakannu and Virpalingam, the tragedy of oppressed women like Chidambaram Padmini and Athiyur Vijaya. To this day it continues to do so with social insecurity for moms.

The communist movement and various human rights organizations continue to fight for justice against the injustices perpetrated against the common people. In the case of Judge Chandru when he was a lawyer, we filmed in a way that gives hope that the security of the common people can be ensured if the police and the judiciary work together.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu praised the film ‘Jai Beam’ and fulfilled the purpose of the film by taking concrete steps to fulfill the long standing demands of the tribal people. My heartfelt thanks to our Chief for that.

The film ‘Jay Beam’ received a warm welcome from all quarters. Likewise, some of the negative comments that arose for this film were somewhat unexpected to me.

I did not know that a calendar picture hung in the background could be understood as referring to a community. The purpose of the calendar is to reflect the period of 1995, and it is not the intention of any of us to show it as a symbol of a particular community.

That calendar, which comes in only a few seconds, did not go unnoticed by any of us during the filming and post-production work. Even before the film was released on Amazon Prime, the film was seen on the big screen by various quarters. Even if it had come to attention then, we would have changed it before the film came out.

When the film came out on Amazon on the night of November 1st and the calendar found out about the film through social websites, all efforts were made to change it immediately on the morning of November 2nd.

Before anyone could ask, after that calendar picture was changed, I hoped everyone would understand that we had no personal motive. It is unfortunate to say that Surya is responsible for something that only I as a director can be responsible for.

In the film as a producer and actor Surya His sole aim was to bring the sufferings of the tribal people to all. I would like to record my regret for the inconvenience caused to him as a director.

I firmly believe that film is an art form that brings about harmony between all communities.

I would like to reiterate that there is no intention of insulting any individual or any particular community in the making of this film. I would like to express my sincere condolences to those who were depressed and hurt.

My heartfelt thanks to the film industry, to the political movements, to the social activists, to the friends of the press, and to all the friends of Muhammed who supported us, who stood by us with concern in this difficult environment. ”

Thus said Gnanavell.


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