Jail for Filing Fraudulent Deeds: Warning to Sub-Registrar

Jail for Filing Fraudulent Deeds: Warning to Sub-Registrar
Chennai: Registration Department has warned that ‘Sir – Registrars who register fraudulent deeds should be ready to go to jail’.

In Tamil Nadu, the registration department has imposed various restrictions to prevent property sale deed registration scams. Registration events are video-recorded to prevent impersonation. However, in many places it is still common to forge documents that belong to one person and register them in someone else’s name.

In particular, the sub-registrars register the properties under court embargo on wrong directions. Some senior officers at headquarters in the registration department are also found to be giving wrong directions for this. Complaints have also been raised that those who complain about the fraudulent registration of properties are scolded and chased away by the registrars.
In this regard, a senior official of the registration department said: Complaints about private land expropriation have increased. When the affected people complain of land fraud, they include the Sir-Registrars as the first culprits. At present, more than 10 sub-registrars have been named as prime accused in the case. If caught in land fraud, they will be ‘suspended’; At most, ‘dismiss’ will do, sir – the registrars are indifferent.

In a recent review meeting, Minister Murthy has publicly warned that government land grabbers will face jail. Sir-Registrar has been advised to keep this in mind and act. He said this.


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