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2023-05-03 16:58:30

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The employee of Audi Hungaria, Réka Jakab, was awarded the prize “PR Professional of the Year 2023”.

Réka earned two of her four degrees from Széchenyi University in Győr and believes in authentic communication and lifelong learning. For her, Audi Hungaria is more than just a job. She builds her career through constant professional curiosity and knowledge-based, practice-oriented education.

The close cooperation between Audi Hungaria Zrt. and Széchenyi University ensures that the courses at the university’s youngest faculty are closely linked to the real needs of industry. Réka sees increasingly closer ties between the company and the university, which offers great advantages for both sides. The students are already in contact with the company during their studies, so that the practice-oriented training is implemented perfectly. And the company can attract highly qualified young people, which is crucial for securing the next generation of skilled workers.

“I always have the opportunity to give lectures to students about the company’s communication activities. I hope that I can encourage young people to choose Audi Hungaria later,” emphasized Jakab, who was unanimously selected for the PR award by the jury of the Hungarian Car of the Year competition.

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