Jallikattu bulls treated as members of the family…no violation seen – Supreme Court Judges | Bulls are treated as members of the family… In Jallikattu, there is no violation

New Delhi,

The hearing of the Jallikattu case in the Supreme Court is going on for the 3rd day. Lawyer Syam Diwan appeared and argued on behalf of Beta organization. He argued, ‘It can never be accepted that Jallikattu is being conducted only to save the traditional bull breeds. This is cruelty to jallikattu bulls’ he said.

This Court earlier did not call the practice of jallikattu cruel, but the game of jallikattu itself. And now there is a law for Jallikattu. Appropriate procedures are in place. So legal action flows against those who violate those norms.

And now you are submitting various reports of violation by the petitioner side. This is just a mistake in properly enforcing the rules. Also, jallikattu bulls are not suddenly used in this sport, they are specially trained and used separately.

Competitions are held for dogs. Can we take that as harassment? For this the dogs are trained and used by themselves. Throwing chili powder in the eyes of animals used in competitions can all amount to animal cruelty. But for 1000 years such competitions have been conducted with bulls.

Bulls are trained separately for this competition. Jallikattu bulls are trained individually and treated as a member of their own family. But cruelty to bulls cannot be tolerated.

And no such violation is known to be taking place at present. And since the rules have been laid down for these competitions, they must be enforced. It is important to enforce the rules on Jallikattu issue. Also, this is not to change the Jallikattu practice.

Thus said the judges.

The lawyer who argued on behalf of the Beta organization said, ‘Since this court has already declared a practice as wild brutality through its judgment, this court should not change it again. Thus the discussion took place.


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