Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Stevie Nicks Barbie Unveiled

Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Stevie Nicks Barbie Unveiled

Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks have been officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, marking a momentous occasion in both of their careers. Nicks, the legendary singer-songwriter, made history as the first woman to be inducted twice into the prestigious hall. Jackson, on the other hand, became the latest member of the iconic Jackson family to receive this honor.

The induction ceremony took place on March 30th, and both artists were recognized for their immense contributions to the world of rock and roll. Nicks’ ethereal and mystical persona has solidified her status as a rock goddess, while Jackson’s groundbreaking music and phenomenal stage presence have captivated audiences for decades.

In addition to this milestone achievement, Stevie Nicks has also received another incredible honor – being immortalized as a Barbie doll. The doll, part of the Barbie Music Collector series, is set to be unveiled at the Mattel Shop. Priced at $55, the mini-Stevie doll features a flowing black dress and cape reminiscent of her iconic “Rumours” era, complete with black platform heel boots and a tambourine adorned with streamers.

Nicks expressed her enthusiasm about this unique representation, mentioning that she has always been a fan of dolls and collecting them. She even nostalgically recalled her mother buying her a Barbie doll when she was young. The singer-songwriter also revealed that she had a significant amount of creative input in the making of the doll, going so far as to send Mattel her original “Rumours” outfit and boots made by an Italian shoemaker.

The “Rumours” outfit holds sentimental value for Nicks as she first saw a woman wearing a similar ensemble back in 1973. Inspired by this encounter, she made it her own and eventually wore it on stage as part of Fleetwood Mac. The black outfit became synonymous with Nicks’ image during the “Rumours” era.

Aside from discussing the Barbie doll, Nicks also shared her thoughts on the recent “Barbie” movie, which she thoroughly enjoyed watching. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicks and her band rented a theater to view the film together. She found it relatable, especially the struggles of Barbie transitioning into the real world, and even expressed a desire to introduce her doll to the lead actress, Margot Robbie.

When asked about her street clothes, Nicks humorously mentioned that even her casual attire has a touch of flair. She prefers to dress in her signature black ensembles, considering them slimming, sexy, and sophisticated.

The interview with Nicks concluded with a heartfelt discussion about her emotional dedication of the song “Landslide” to former Fleetwood Mac bandmate, Christine McVie, during a concert with Billy Joel. Nicks expressed that singing the song has not become any easier, but it serves as a way for her to work through her feelings of loss. She also shared the special bond she had with McVie and how they were always on their own within the band but still supported each other.

With their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the exciting addition of a Barbie doll in Nicks’ likeness, both Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks continue to leave an indelible mark on the music industry and pop culture as a whole.


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