Japan is trying to revive the birth rate

Japan is trying to revive the birth rate

2023-06-06 10:18:01

In 1949, Japanese women had a fertility rate of 4.3 children per woman. He fell below the replacement threshold (2.1 children) in 1974. Getty Images

DECRYPTION – The government will release 23 billion euros per year.

Is this the last chance plan for the Japanese birth rate? Last Thursday, the Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, announced a battery of proposals intended to reverse the fall in the number of births in the Archipelago which, in the words of the leader, threatens to provoke the “social paralysis” from the country. Increase in family allowances for large families, free childbirth, subsidies for studies, etc.

The catalog of measures, very practical, aims above all to reduce the financial burden of children for an ordinary family. According to the Ministry of Education, the education of a Japanese from 3 to 18 years old, public and private lessons included, costs 18.4 million yen (123,000 euros), one of the highest amounts in the world.

“Our level of child support will match that of Sweden, the leader in this category among OECD countries,” promises Fumio Kishida. The government wants to set aside 3,500 billion yen (23 billion euros) per year from 2024…

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