Japan, Japan Prime Minister Abe’s memorial program ..! – PM Modi’s participation ..! – Prime Minister Narendra Modi participates in the funeral of Japan PM

Prime Minister Modi will visit Japan on the 27th to participate in the Shinzo Abe memorial service.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead by Tetsuya Yamagami while speaking at a campaign meeting held on July 8. This event shocked Japan. Shinzo Abe is the longest serving Prime Minister of Japan.

Shinzo Abe’s funeral was held in Tokyo on the 12th. His body was cremated. In this situation, the Shinzo Abe memorial service is being held in Tokyo on the 27th by the government of that country.

Regarding this, Japanese Prime Minister Bumio Kishida said, “When the government holds a memorial service, it will show that Japan will never succumb to violence. International leaders will also express their condolences.”

Prime Minister Modi will attend the event in person. This was officially announced by the Union Ministry of External Affairs. In his condolence message on the demise of Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister Modi referred to him as his dear friend and shared memories with him. Prime Minister Modi will meet Prime Minister Bumio Kishida during his visit to Japan.

In this situation, it has been reported that a huge amount of money has been spent on Shinzo Abe’s final show. It is said to be more than the amount allocated for the Olympics. It has become a popular topic in Japan.


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