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A video of Jayam Ravi’s son, one of the famous actors of Tamil film industry, getting a pleasant surprise on his birthday is currently going viral on the internet.

Actor Jayam Ravi married Aarti in 2009. She had a son named Aarav in 2010 and a son named Ayan in 2014.

Ayan celebrated his birthday yesterday. It is noteworthy that Jayam Ravi-Arthi couple has gone to Dubai to celebrate their son’s birthday

Actor Jayam Ravi’s son was in for a pleasant surprise when he bought ice cream at an ice cream shop in Dubai, and was treated to a trick by the ice cream shopkeeper. Aarti has recorded a video about this on his Instagram and the video is going viral.

Following this, Jayam Ravi’s wife Aarti posted on her son’s birthday, ‘It’s a special thing to fulfill your children’s dreams and create memories with them… The pandemic may have delayed their dreams for a few years, but now we live in a happy moment. And on this birthday we wish you to enjoy every part of life in good health, may God bless you.’


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