Jeff Bezos’ rocket: Why “Blue Origin” looks like a phallus

When you have a little crisis as a white man in your mid-50s and ask yourself, “Is that about it?”, then you can look for an affair, quit your job, or travel to the Bahamas. The one does not exclude the other. However, if you’ve done all of this in your 30s or 40s, you may have to assure yourself of your own masculinity in other ways.

For example, with a flight into space, that primary power fantasy, which is about seeing the earth in all its vulnerability from above, and knowing: You can also do without it. At least when you sit securely wrapped in a phallus-like machine, like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who took off for space on Tuesday with his brother Mark and two other companions.

The trip lasted 10 minutes, which immediately provoked jokes about premature ejaculation on Twitter. The phallus-like shape of the “Blue Origin” rocket is unlikely to have remained undiscovered by very few. Intention, chance, necessity?



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