Jiang Tao performs “To Boyhood” and misses his young and ignorant self- METRODAILY

Jiang Tao performs “To Boyhood” and misses his young and ignorant self- METRODAILY

2023-06-05 07:04:28

Members of MIRRORJiang TaoEarlier and due to cooperationGu Juji, Qiqi went to “Music Panda” to perform. Apart from singing the theme song of the movie, the two even sang each other’s works. Jiang Tao chose “To Boyhood”, revealing that the lyrics resonated with him very much, and he recalled himself who used to “don’t care about anything as long as he wants to do it”. Although he has more worries when he is older, but Jiang Tao thinks that he should think twice before he matures.

Gu Juji and Jiang Tao became friends because of the chorus.

Jiang Tao and Leo Leo got acquainted with the movie song “Love Going Home” in the movie “Grandma Has a Second”, and they both acted as guests on the show a few days ago, performing each other’s songs. Ku Juji chose “Dear My Friend,” and said bluntly that this song about friends moved him and made him fully immerse himself in this feeling. “It reminds me of fat boy Qian Guowei, he must hear it.” As for Jiang Tao’s choice to sing “To Boyhood”, the lyrics resonate with him very much: “This song sings the feeling of ignorance and ignorance in boyhood. In fact, after a period of time after entering the industry, I have such feelings.”

Jiang Tao was very involved when he sang.

It has been 5 years since he won the championship of “All People Make Stars” and entered the industry. Jiang Tao looked back at himself 5 years ago, “I have been in the industry for a long time, and I always feel that I have lost my original innocence. Although it is only 5 years, these 5 years seem to be condensed I have done a lot of things, and it is difficult to return to the previous state of the game, the feeling that I really want to do one thing and don’t care about anything.” As Zhu gets older, Jiang Tao, who has matured, believes that every time he does something, he must think about it. Clearly, “There are good and bad, people have to think twice before they mature.” Looking back on the career of acting, Jiang Tao is most happy to win the star-making championship, because he has never won any awards since he was a child, “until The moment the champion was announced, I felt that I finally had an award in my life and could make my parents proud.”

Jiang Tao entered the industry because he won the championship of “All People Make Stars”.

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