Jio Prepaid Recharge tariff hike here the details plan wise

It has been announced that the tariff for Geo prepaid service will be increased from December 1. Geo has raised its service charges relatively less than other networks. If you are a user of Geo Network service on the following plan, find out the new tariff for you ….

Rs. 75 Basic Plan : Unlimited Call, 28 Days Validity Plan Rs. Rises to 99.

Rs. 129 Plan: Unlimited Call, 2GB Data Plan Now Rs. 155

Rs. 149 Plan: 24 days validity, Unlimited calls, 1GB data per day no more – Rs. 179

Rs. 199 Plan– 28 days validity, 1.5 GB per day Data, Unlimited Call No More. Rs. 239

Rs. 249 Plan : 28 days Validity, Unlimited Call, 2GB per day Data is no more. – Rs. 299

Rs. 399 Plan : 56 days Validity, Unlimited Call, 1.5 GB per day Data is no more. – Rs. 479

Rs. 329 Plan : 84 days Validity, Unlimited Call, 6GB Data No More. – Rs. 395

Rs. 555 Plan : Unlimited Call, 84 Days Validity, 1.5GB Data Per Day Now – Rs. 666

Rs. 599 Plan: – Unlimited Call, 84 Days Validity, 2GB Data Per Day Now Rs. 719

Rs. 1299 Plan: 336 Days Validity, Unlimited Call, 24GB Data Now – Rs. 1559

Rs. 2399 Plan: 365 days validity, unlimited calls, 2GB data per day no more. Rs. 2879

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