Joan Laporta subscribes to the epic to register Barça’s signings

BarcelonaThese are frantic hours in the Barça offices. The League begins this Saturday at Camp Nou with a match against Rayo Vallecano (9 p.m., Movistar LaLiga and DAZN) and Xavi Hernández still does not know if he will be able to count on seven of his players. The reason: the fair play financier, the same implacable judge who deprived the institution of Leo Messi a year ago. Blaugrana managers and executives are working hard to fit the combination of levers and salary savings that is needed so that the affected footballers can participate in the weekend game.

But time is running out and the League, the body in charge of financial control, is beginning to doubt its ability to review and validate all the paperwork before the ball starts rolling. In other words: as the minutes pass, the risk grows of seeing the official premiere of Barça 2022/2023, that of the post-Messi resurrection, still without all the new faces that have excited the parish during the summer. “Right now it would be a miracle to register the seven files before Saturday. We will sign four,” a club source who knows the status of all the negotiations, which, as a good negotiation, are subject to changes to the minute.

The reason behind the epic that has been generated with the records is the fourth economic lever, that of the remaining 25% of Barça Studios. Sources from the entity took it for granted at the beginning of the week: “It’s 100 million because Luma [un fons d’inversió nord-americà] brings us experience in the digitization of entertainment”. The corresponding announcement of the sale was expected for Wednesday or Thursday. And the League, attentive to what is happening in Barcelona, ​​calculated to start reviewing the fine print right after .

These were the plans that Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemany had transmitted to the employer led by Javier Tebas: tie the fourth lever and, from this base camp, manage the relevant salary gestures and/or exits to fit all the chips that right now they are excluded. However, the pace has slowed down and the League has still not received any documents from the sale of Barça Studios to Luma. “We cannot validate all the paperwork, which is very complex, in just a few hours”, they say from the body, where they already put a stamp on the sale of the two packages of television rights to Sixth Street – the first two levers – after a thorough review.

Laporta wanted to spend the week in S’Agaró

Despite this complication, Barça are confident that Friday will move quickly in some direction, be it with the 100 million that Luma must contribute or with some of the negotiations that have been started to lower important salaries. There is more optimism with Gerard Piqué than with Sergio Busquets, especially because his gesture is one of resignation – he has agreed 52 million gross between salary and deferrals this year alone – and not of postponement, which is what is on the captain’s table or what Jordi Alba would be willing to do. However, the accounting criterion of the League means that it is not enough just to reduce Pique to register the seven players involved. This is why Barça, who read the numbers more optimistically but not bindingly, had to accelerate the fourth lever.

These are moments of nerves for Arístides Maillol. With Laporta, who was on holiday in S’Agaró, pushed to the top in the negotiations. The epic accompanied the president before the inauguration, in the winter market and will also do so with the League about to start. At stake is that Xavi can count, at least, with more than half of the seven footballers dancing on the list.


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