John Belushi, the Blues Brothers on TV: the beginnings, the successes, the coke, the tragic end, five things you don’t know about him

by time news

March 5 will be 40 years since the death of John Belushi, born on January 24, 1949 in Chicago, of Albanian origins. And almost four decades after his death, he remained there, in the hearts of the spectators, stopped at a party at the Animal House or in the midst of a musical mission like in The Blues Brothers (this morning aired again on Iris, at 10.50 am), in situations funny and crazy, where friendship is the basis of everything. Like when you are young, it makes you think, but no one can ask him, because Belushi died of an overdose on March 5, 1982, at the age of 33, at the beginning of a career that resembled a roller coaster, amidst big takings and sudden disappointments, in one lap. of the show – that of the Eighties in America – where if he abused drugs, the others managed them as medicines, in any case at hand. To the public, fortunately there remains more, from the Tooga choir! Tooga! in the dry I hate the Nazis of Illinois, accompanied by the unique physicality of his comedy.


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