The rise in gas prices in Europe is a temporary phenomenon associated with the coronavirus pandemic, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. He is convinced that the problems with gas supplies “will be promptly resolved,” and added that London is “confident in its suppliers.”

According to Mr. Johnson, “phenomenal” demand for gas is observed in Asia. He believes that the situation “will begin to smooth out” when the world economy “starts working to its fullest.” “We are faced with difficulties in all areas, tremendous stress while the world wakes up after COVID-19 … It will take some time for the situation to improve,” the British Prime Minister told reporters on his way to the UN General Assembly in New York (quoted by Evening Standard ).

He noted that all problems with gas supplies “are only temporary.” “I have no doubt that the supply problems will be promptly resolved. We are very confident in our supply chains, ”added Boris Johnson.

In September, the price of gas in Europe reached record levels; on September 15, its cost exceeded $ 950 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. More than 40 MEPs suspected Gazprom of involvement in price increases and asked the European Commission to investigate. Gazprom responded that they are striving to increase the volume of supplies. The Kremlin also denies Russia’s involvement in the rise in gas prices.

For more information about the jump in gas prices, see Kommersant’s article “Full Gas Limit”.


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