Joining the government of Elisabeth Borne “would make no sense”, says Adrien Quatennens the number 2 of La France insoumise

The number 2 of La France insoumise Adrien Quatennens affirmed Sunday that there was “no possible arrangement” with a government of Emmanuel Macron, assuring that there was “no risk” of a breakup of the left coalition on the issue.

The Head of State instructed his Prime Minister on Saturday to sound out the parliamentary groups in order to form a “government of action” in early July, a few weeks after a second round of legislative elections in which the president’s party failed to win. secure a majority.

Joining the government “would make no sense”

At France Inter, Franceinfo and The worldthe deputy from the North replied that participating in a coalition government “would make no sense” and would be “unreadable”, because “we did not hear (Emmanuel Macron) move or back down one iota on the reform of the pensions, nor on the desire to impose 15 to 20 hours of work in return for the RSA” in particular.

Joining the government “would make no sense and would participate in schemes that we do not want”, he insisted: “we told him, there is no possible arrangement”.

“We have a mandate and it is clear, that of being in the opposition”, added Adrien Quatennens.

The head of state mentioned discussions “from the communists to the LR”, immediately dismissing the RN and LFI which for him are not “government parties”.

But the rebellious elected official believes that there is “no risk” of a break-up of the New Popular Economic and Social Union (Nupes). “I don’t believe, I don’t see how a single communist” could be tempted, he notably underlined, noting that the number one of the PCF Fabien Roussel, who had seemed seduced for a time, “backpedaled “.

“I believe that the first person who within the Nupes would put a single finger in Emmanuel Macron’s proposal, it would be an absolute purge,” he insisted.

“We have set up a parliamentary intergroup, we want to work together, we are going to work as a group”, he assured, recalling that the Nupes was going to table “next week a major social emergency law in which there will be the increase in the minimum wage, the unfreezing of the index point, the revaluation of civil servants by 10%, and no pension below the minimum wage for a full career”.


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