Jommi (Upo), ‘early access to therapies cost-effective for NHS’

Jommi (Upo), ‘early access to therapies cost-effective for NHS’

“Early access to therapies, which avoids the use of drugs in clinical practice, where they exist, produces an economic advantage for the National Health Service”. So Claudio Jommi, from the drug science department of the University of Eastern Piedmont, speaking of the economic advantages produced by research and clinical trials on the sidelines of the “Incyte Forum on clinical research in Italy”, today in Milan, in the new Italian headquarters of the American biotech . The overall financial investment in clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies operating in Italy is estimated at 700 million euros a year, with an advantage for the NHS of approximately 2 billion euros.

For Jommi, the meeting organized by Icyte “provided excellent starting points for a perspective of collaboration, enhancement of the research and development of drugs and health technologies – he underlines – We need to further make Italy an attractive country for investments and take advantage of the skills, know now and networking that the country can boast today from a research point of view”. According to the 2021 annual report of the Clinical Trials Management Laboratory of the Altems center of the Catholic University, in Italy, in 2019 they were approved 672 new clinical trials, equal to 23% of those approved in the European Union and approximately 35,000 patients directly involved in clinical trials who benefit from innovative treatments each year well in advance of their general availability.

Jommi also looks at the positive effects of research beyond the economic aspect: “When you participate in a clinical trial, you participate in an international network and therefore in an interaction between our healthcare companies and centers in other countries. Some studies have demonstrated how participation in the experimental study undoubtedly produces an increase in experience: in fact, it anticipates the management of therapies that presumably will arrive on the market in the near future with a great advantage from a professional point of view in the global context”, concludes Jommi.


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