Jordan, barrage of arrests for threats to Abdallah’s reign – Jordanian security forces carried out a barrage of arrests for “security reasons”. Those affected are a former longtime advisor to King Abdullah, a member of the royal family and another twenty civilians and military officials.

In a press release, the army also announced that the former crown prince and half-brother of the ruler, Hamza, has been asked to put an end to “activities that could compromise the security and stability of the kingdom.“Hamza was not arrested, but was questioned at his home.

A US trained adviser

The arrested king’s former adviser is Bassem Awadallah. With his studies in the US, he was also finance minister and one of the promoters of economic reforms in the country before resigning in 2008.

Sharif Hassan Ben Zaid, a member of the royal family, was arrested with him and former envoy of the king to Saudi Arabia. Arrests at the top of the state and members of the royal family are rare in Jordan, a US ally in the Middle East.

The role of 007

The powerful Jordanian secret services, with a pervasive influence in public life, they played an increasing public role since the emergency law was introduced at the start of the pandemic last year and which according to many civic groups violates civil and political rights.

Prince Hamza said in a video, passed by his lawyer to the BBC, that he was subjected to the measure of house arrest. The chief of staff of the army, Yousef Huneiti, explained that the king’s half-brother “was asked to stop some activities that could be used to affect the stability and security of Jordan”.



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