Just before the guiding Pentecost Yarden Harel Arrived in Jerusalem this morning to launch the new “Golf & Golf & Line” store in Azrieli Jerusalem. Jordan Harel spoke for the first time about her new relationship with the photographer Matan Cohen 34 years old. Harel noted that she is happy that her relationship is finally out and she is very excited. In addition, she said that he is charming and a special guy and most importantly that she is good.

When asked about the divorcee’s new relationship Omri ShalomHarel said that “Omri will always be a part of my life, of course, he is also the father of my children. Just as I believe he wishes mine would be good, so I wish his will be good. May he be happy. ”

Jordan Harel (Photo: Rafi Daloia)

When asked about the meeting between them at the rabbinical court about two weeks ago, Harel replied: “It is not an easy day. A complex day, all kinds of emotions that float and rise. We were both ready for it as much as possible and each day ends and begins a new day but it was not a simple day.” Others came to the event Jackie Azoulay Her new partner, Tzachi Halevi Recovered from a long trip to India, Anna Aronov, Dana Ben Ari With her ex-partner from “New Love”, Hadad generation And her current partner on the show Tomer Lewinsky, Ruslana Rudina andHila Saada Which landed at 4:00 a.m. straight from the red carpet of the Los Angeles Film Festival and boarded a jet lag to Jerusalem for the benefit of the event.

Jackie Azoulay, Elhai Amar (Photo: Rafi Daloia)Jackie Azoulay, Elhai Amar (Photo: Rafi Daloia)
Tzachi Halevi (Photo: Rafi Daloia)Tzachi Halevi (Photo: Rafi Daloia)
Ruslana Rudina (Photo: Rafi Daloia)Ruslana Rudina (Photo: Rafi Daloia)

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