Judge Vivian Polanía after controversial erotic dance in the courthouse

Judge Vivian Polanía after controversial erotic dance in the courthouse

2023-09-21 20:32:22

The commotion generated by the video of Judge Vivian Polanía celebrating love and friendship in the middle of the Palace of Justice of Cúcuta receiving a striptease show, not only earned her and the officials who were at that time an investigation by the National Commission for Judicial Discipline, but the rejection of the general population to the already controversies that women have carried out.

Visibly affected and denouncing harassment, the judge spoke about the events that have her, once again, on everyone’s lips. She defended her actions under the right to free development of personality and that, in the face of so much criticism that she has received, she is developing psychological problems.

“It is my free right to the development of personality. I understand that I am from a different generation. I tried to change because I thought the mistake was mine and I started wearing long dresses. Now I have a psychological trauma with that, to the point of not being able to put on a skirt without thinking that someone is looking at me and judging me,” Polanía said in dialogue with Semana magazine.

Although he pointed out that the attacks he receives are due to his behavior, he made it clear that his professional actions are impeccable, “I have never had any complaint for corruption” and he went further, denouncing that the persecution of which he is a victim is because They want to get him out of office.

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“It is not my invention. I have evidence and recordings of this. I speak ‘underpants off’. I don’t think what they’re doing to me is fair. And I am sure that everything comes from a case of corruption. I am afraid for my life, on Tuesday, when I entered the room, I felt like I was entering the gallows,” she told the outlet.

It wasn’t a striptease show.

The judge also clarified that what happened last week at the Cúcuta Courthouse was not a striptease show that had been planned to celebrate love and friendship, “they invited us to a party of love and friendship, it was called a party of colors. To enter, each court would have to make a lively entrance,” she said.

“There is a restaurant here, it is a waffle restaurant called La Verga. So, the guy is not a stripper, the guy is a waiter. The boy dances very well, but he is not a stripper. He never got naked or anything like that,” Polanía explained.

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Likewise, she indicated that she did not propose the situation, that the man not only danced with her, nor that he did not know that liquor was being distributed in the premises. “There was no liquor, now I find out from the images they were taking, I didn’t know. Obviously, I never proposed that situation,” the official concluded.

After what happened, both Polanía and another 30 or more officials who were part of the celebration will be investigated disciplinaryly by the National Judicial Discipline Commission.

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The president of the National Association of Officials and Employees of the Judicial Branch (Asonal), José Gamboa, took the lead for those who were present at the celebration, but clarified to the newspaper La Opinión de Cúcuta that many had nothing to do with the scene that appears in the video that went viral on social networks.

“Workers have the right to do integration days within the facilities, but it is different if an employee or official uses them for situations that could be inappropriate,” he indicated.

And he added: “I have spoken with judges who were there and a situation like that never crossed their minds. The fact that a worker makes a mistake, that is the one who must be disciplined. Instead of responding through the media, the Disciplinary Council must take other actions.”

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