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The judge Vivian Polaniawhich went viral for appearing in full virtual audience reclining smoking cigarette and half-naked, she starred in another scandal in a circumstance similar to the recent one.

At a 2020 hearing, the constitutional law attorney launched a strong scolding at a lawyer, asking him not to “bother more” and be more specific.

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The disagreement occurred when the criminal was exposing the points in which he disagreed with the General Prosecutor of the Nation. It was there when the judge who is being investigated today by the Norte de Santander Sectional Commission for Judicial Discipline interrupted him to make strong observations.

“Doctor, look, what a pity and with all due respect, this is a courtroom, not an academy. You’ve been talking for 10 minutes and you haven’t said anything, please don’t give me law classes international law or international humanitarian law that here we are all lawyers. To the point,” said the judge.

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After the objection of the criminal attorney in the sense that he was arguing after the representative of the prosecuting entity had done so, the judge tells him that she has already given him the floor, and “don’t bother anymore“.

The lawyer told him that he only had two minutes talkingand that he was respectful of due process and the time that each of the parties had to intervene.

The fact was criticized by some criminal lawyers, who said that this is not the way in which a lawyer is treated in full hearing. After the most recent event, for which the authorities were asked to investigate her, the judge from Cúcuta spoke with the journalist Néstor Morales, to tell him that she has spent some difficult hours with episodes of anxietyand that he has work overload in his office.

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