Junior World Cup Hockey: First victory for the Indian team || Junior World Cup winner: First victory for the Indian team

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India beat Canada 13-1 in their first match of the Junior World Cup.

Record: November 26, 2021 01:58


The 12th Junior (Under-21) World Cup is being held at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha.

Sixteen teams including India, Germany, Belgium and Pakistan are participating in the tournament which will be held till the 5th of next month. They are divided into 4 divisions and clash in the league. The teams that finish in the ‘Top-2’ in each division at the end of the league round will qualify for the quarterfinals.

The reigning champions India met Canada in the ‘B’ Division League match on the 2nd day yesterday. The Indian team dominated from the start and easily defeated Canada 13-1. This was the first victory of the Indian team in the 2nd match. It is noteworthy that the Indian team lost to France in the first league match.

For India, Sanjay, Arajeet Singh Huntel scored 3 goals each, Uttam Singh, Shardanand Tiwary 2 goals each, while captain Vivek Sagar Prasad, Maninder Singh and Abhishek Lakra each scored one goal.

In previous league matches, former champions Argentina beat Egypt 14-0 (Division D), the Netherlands 12-5, South Korea (Division C) and Spain 17-0 (Division C). In another match, France defeated Poland (Division B) 7-1 to claim their 2nd consecutive victory.

South Africa-Chile (9.30am), South Korea-USA (12pm), Spain-Netherlands (2.30pm), Argentina-Germany (5pm) and Malaysia-Belgium (7.30pm) clash in league matches today. .

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