Just download this app to easily integrate Siri and ChatGPT

Just download this app to easily integrate Siri and ChatGPT

Recently, a hot topic on the Internet is ChatGPT developed by OpenAI. This large-scale language model AI can understand questions raised by humans and answer them in a human-like way, and even has the ability to create. After the launch of ChatGPT, some netizens also developed a way to connect ChatGPT to Siri, so that Siri has the ability to chat with ChatGPT, but the process is a bit complicated and not suitable for beginners.

However, Taiwanese software developer MixerBox recently announced that it will add its “ChatAI” chat browser to Siri shortcuts, so as long as the app is installed, Siri can be directly connected to ChatGPT, eliminating the complicated setting process; Very useful, I recommend it to everyone.

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It is very simple to add ChatGPT to Siri. First, just download “MixerBox ChatAI” in the App Store, open it and click “Chat with ChatAI through Siri” on the page, then it will ask you to install the Siri shortcut, select “Download MB Browse Click “Add Shortcut” after clicking “Shortcut”.


▲ Download MixerBox ChatAI App.

▲ After opening the App, click the blue button in the center of “Chat to ChatAI through Siri”.


▲ Pull down the page that appears, and click “Download MB Browser Shortcut”.


▲ After that, the system will display the Siri shortcut of “Hello MB”, click “Add Shortcut” to complete the integration.

How to use ChatGPT through Siri? In fact, it is also very simple, as long as you call out Siri through “Hey Siri”, and then say “Hello MB”, then Siri will change into ChatGPT, and then you can tell it the questions you want to ask. However, since ChatGPT uses information before 2021 for training, it cannot answer too real-time questions (such as asking it what the weather will be like tomorrow), but for general answers, its performance is indeed much better than Siri .

Another point to note is that to use the integration of ChatGPT and Siri on the iPhone, the operating system must be iOS 16 or higher.

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▲ The editor asked ChatGPT to create a new poem with the theme of Qingming Festival, and it turned out to be possible, and it all came from Siri conversations.


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