Agreement made between Just Eat and the unions: riders become employees. According to the agreement between the representatives of Just EatTakeAway
.com Express Italy Srl, Filt, Fit and Uiltrasporti and the representatives of atypical workers Nidil, Felsa, Uiltemp, ai rider of the group will be fully applied the Freight Transport and Logistics contract. The cycle-messengers will therefore be in effect subordinate workers and protected in rights. They will be hired all those who worked for Just Eat, from 1 August 2019, with any type of employment relationship, even for a very short time, maintaining the same previous schedule. Those who have completed at least 60 cumulative rounds will not be required to complete the trial period.

And the list of novelties and guarantees introduced with the contract compared to self-employed riders: finally a basic pay will arrive What will be linked to contractual minimums and not to deliveries, a Tfr, the pension, wage supplement in the case of disease, of accidents, maternity / paternity, the holiday, a’guaranteed minimum working hours. And then again: surcharges for additional work, extraordinary, festive e night, reimbursement of expenses for use of one’s own vehicle, adequate anti-Covid protection devices, also in reference to the pandemic moment in progress, and trade union rights.

The announcement later weeks of intense negotiations, comes from CGIL, CISL and UIL who in a unitary note speak of an “important result”. A company agreement is also on the way with which to agree on any greater flexibility that may arise. In addition, a enhancement premium which will take into account the deliveries made, for which a limit up to a maximum of four within one hour, to minimize the risk to the health and safety of riders.

The agreement comes at a time of bitter controversy and after a ‘general’ strike by the cycle-messengers who crossed their arms last Friday to ask for an ad hoc contract and in any case an agreement that would frame them as employees. At the center is the controversy with Assodelivery, the association of food delivery platforms from which Just Eat has long since departed, and the collective agreement stipulated with the Ugl which confirmed the nature of self-employed for riders.

“This agreement is the result obtained by the trade union, both at national and territorial level, and we are convinced that it can help to indicate a way of regulating the sector. We hope that the other platforms will follow the model of subordination defined today to create a situation of equal conditions “still say CGIL, CISL and UIL.

And they repeat: “there is no need to invent anything, the national rules and contracts already exist. It is important to continue to work together to pursue an idea of ​​growth and development that knows how to hold together production, quality and good employment, profit and safety, all this by putting the value of the person back at the center, in a context of participatory trade union relations, marked by dialogue “.

With the agreement for the first national contract that frames the riders as employees, the 4 thousand messengers of the group have been granted the protections envisaged and all the regulatory and economic treatments envisaged by the National Contract for Logistics, Transport, Goods and Shipping.

CONTENTS AGREEMENT: all the typical protections of subordinate work are extended to riders. From social security to accident insurance, contractual salary, enhancement premium. And again: performance bonus, 13th, 14th, severance pay, integration to maternity, paternity, 100% paid sickness, 100% paid accident, application of workplace safety regulations, paid holidays, rol, legal leave for study or assistance, trade union rights. The agreement provides for contractual recognition for holidays, overtime work.

REMUNERATION: the piecework principle is eliminated and therefore the remuneration will no longer be linked to the number of deliveries but the starting value of the salary will be linked to the contractual minimums and therefore € 9.60 including 2 deliveries that can be increased if it reaches 4 deliveries, maximum achievable in one hour, provided for by the agreement. Any surcharges for overtime, overtime, holidays and night work must then be added. Upon accrual of the second year of seniority in the company, the salary and rol will be fully operational, with an increase of more than 10% of the hourly value (11.50 euros, approximately).

With different part time schedules (from 10, 20 or 30 hours, with a minimum daily schedule of 2 continuous hours), the shifts are planned through the app: the rider will give his availability for the following week and Just Eat, considering the preference express, will proceed with the planning of the working week. Compensation is also provided by way of mileage reimbursement for the use of one’s own vehicle for deliveries, moped or bicycle, and the full and complete application of the current health and safety regulations and delivery of all the PPE required by current legislation. , safety equipment provided by Just Eat such as helmet, high visibility clothing and rain gear and backpack for transporting food, as well as sanitizers and masks. In addition to the legal insurance coverage provided by public social security and assistance institutions (INPS and INAIL), all employees will be provided with additional accident insurance.

MINISTER ORLANDO – “The agreement between Just Eat and CGIL, CISL and UIL is excellent news. A step forward towards the implementation of normal industrial relations in all sectors” writes Labor Minister Andrea Orlando in a tweet, commenting on the agreement. “With collective bargaining, rights make their way.”

COUNTRY MANAGER JUST EAT ITALIA – “We are satisfied with the positive result that testifies to the common desire to approach a growing sector in a constructive and sustainable way for the benefit of all the players in this industry: riders first of all – says Daniele Contini, Country Manager of Just Eat in Italy – but also restaurants and operators such as Just Eat “.

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