Just half a year after the previous round: $ 56 million for CyCode who wants to protect your code

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Sequid maps all your environments and code to protect it from software supply chain attacks

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The Israeli startup Cycode announced today (Tuesday) the completion of a handsome $ 56 million B round of funding, led by Insight Partners and with the participation of YL Ventures. This is the company’s second round of recruitment in 2021 that wants to protect code from attacks similar to those of Solarwinds.

Identifies all the dangerous things in your code

Automated software development and distribution processes, or CI / CD Pipeline, allow companies to copy, move and edit code from the key position until it reaches the finished product by the customer, but they suffer from partial visibility that does not allow organizations to properly protect them. Seikod’s system interfaces with all the various tools involved in the development process, whether it is the coding management systems, CI / CD systems or the cloud environments.

The system then maps the settings, assets, processes and relationships between them to the Sequod database on which security policies are built in multiple layers such as problematic security configurations and internal scan engines that allow users to detect code corruption, code leakage, keys and passwords embedded in code, incorrect configuration configurations, permissions Surplus of users, etc. In a conversation with Giktiim, Lior Levy, CEO of Cycode, explains that the company’s advantage lies in the fact that everything can be done on one platform without purchasing several products to reach this coverage.

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In addition, according to Levy, there is an advantage in the Knowledge Graph that maps the entire customer environment: Consideration of the overall picture, compared to other products on the market that are detached from each other and therefore often give a false impression to customers. “

Cycode was founded by Lior Levy (CEO), a former information security architect at Symantec, and Ronen Selvin (CTO), an information security researcher. To date, the company has raised about $ 81 million and employs about 50 people in its offices in Israel and the United States. The company’s customers include Grubhub, Databricks, Cobalt, Rapyd and more.

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