Just seven hours after her appointment: The Swedish Prime Minister has announced her resignation

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Political entanglement in Sweden: Just seven hours after her historic appointment as the first woman prime minister of Sweden was approved, and even before she took office, Magdalena Anderson announced she was resigning after parliament voted in favor of the opposition right – wing party’s budget proposal.

In the afternoon, members of the Riksdag voted in favor of the budget proposal of the right-wing opposition parties – the conservative moderates, the Swedish Democrats and the Christian Democrats. Following this, the Green Party decided to leave the coalition as they are unwilling to act on the budget of the right.

Just seven-and-a-half hours earlier, Anderson had managed to get elected prime minister by a narrow majority, after 174 members of the Riksdag voted against, only one vote needed to thwart the appointment. The Greens’ retirement, however, forced Anderson to submit her resignation, although she was not due to take office until her meeting with King Charles XV in 16 days. As a result, Acting Prime Minister Stefan Leben will continue to hold the position he has held since 2014.

“I understand it looks very messy,” Anderson said. “A party that only this morning voted in favor of a prime minister will check a government against a party that has now changed its mind, but it all depended on a vote on the budget.”

There will now be discussions between the party leaders regarding the continuation of the process and tomorrow the Speaker of the Parliament, Andreas Norlan, is expected to announce the next steps, but there is still a possibility that Anderson will again win the appointment in a new vote in Parliament. A further vote will be held to ensure that the far-right party of the Swedish Democrats does not become a partner in a new government.

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