Just sports? Revealed: This is the amount Barcelona will lose if they are relegated from the Champions League

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Play on the whole box office: Barcelona reached one of its biggest lows in recent years yesterday (Tuesday) after coming out “only” with a 0-0 draw against Benfica Lisbon in the penultimate game in the home leg and are currently in real danger of relegation from the Champions League after years of dominating the biggest factory of all. .

Today (Wednesday) it was revealed that Barcelona will play in the next round against Barien Munich and not only for the right to qualify for the quarterfinals, but also for something no less important and that is money, a lot of money.

New Barcelona coach Xavi. Photo: Reuters

For many years, Barcelona felt like home champions in the Champions League. Through historic wins, reaching the biggest classes and breakthroughs of players, it seems this year that the team just does not find itself.

In the last year Barcelona closed with an astronomical financial loss of 481 million euros. So already at the beginning of the season, the team management set a goal to end the season with a profit of at least five million euros. But planning aside and reality aside. Right now, a relegation already in the houses stage, or even in the stage of the quarterfinals, will hurt the planned profits and turn them into losses.

Barcelona in better days with Messi. Photo: “Reuters”

If Barcelona finally make it to the quarter-finals, they will come out with a profit of 9.6 million euros. If she reaches the quarter-finals, she will earn an additional 10.6 million euros, but if she does not qualify for the eighth at all and is eliminated already in the home stage, she will come out with a loss of an additional 20 million euros, which could greatly affect the club’s future.

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But there is also a bright spot, should Barcelona finish third in the home leg and relegate to the Europa League, they could win the second most important factory, which will yield them profits of 14 million euros.

Now the Catalans are coming in the next and final round in the home leg for one of their most critical games in recent years against German champions Bayern Munich and it looks like this time they are going to play for the whole box office. Literally.

Barcelona on the way home? Photo: Reuters

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