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Take a break: A small study by Swedish scientists has shown that getting a person out of their chair and at least walking every half hour in a sedentary job will improve their health. A small, regular exercise lowers blood sugar levels and has a positive effect on the content of “bad” cholesterol in it.

The study authors argue that every hour sitting (or lying down) increases the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. But if you do not sit all the time, and sometimes move, it will be an easy way to increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin (its decrease is the way to type 2 diabetes) and reduce the likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome, which, in turn, is not only the cause of type 2 diabetes. but also cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

“Changing sedentary lifestyles has positive metabolic effects and it’s beneficial not to sit all day, but to get up and move,” comments lead study author Dr. Erik Näslund, professor of clinical medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

What does sedentary lifestyle change mean in terms of this study? Just moderate exercise for three minutes every half hour of sedentary work. The blood sugar level decreases, of course, slightly, but decreases; the amplitude of fluctuations of the indicator becomes significantly less. But Näslund warns, “We haven’t noticed that exercise breaks affect longer-term markers of metabolic health, such as glucose tolerance.”

Näslund believes that the more breaks in work, the greater the effect will be: “We need a big ‘dose’ of physical education!”

David Katz, president of the True Health Initiative, a non-governmental organization that helps people move to healthy lifestyles, rejoiced at Näslund’s findings: “This is a small and concise study, but it has great implications for public health practice. Any, even small, regular activity has a significant metabolic effect! A valuable addition. “

According to Katz, “More activity is certainly better, but Näslund’s research shows that almost everyone could significantly improve their own health.”

The Näslund study lasted three weeks: scientists observed 16 obese adults who were sedentary or worked in a sedentary job. They were equipped with fitness trackers, and every half hour the device gave a signal to take a break and exercise. For three minutes, participants in the experiment performed physical exercises of low to moderate intensity, mainly walking and climbing stairs.

There was also a control group.

It turned out that the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood became lower in the trainees, as well as the level of sugar. The amplitude of the sugar level also became smaller in the experimental group. The authors of the work suggest that this is the merit of the intensified blood microcirculation.

По материалам статьи «Three Weeks of Interrupting Sitting Lowers Fasting Glucose and Glycemic Variability, but not Glucose Tolerance, in Free-living Women and Men with Obesity»; Jonathon A. B. Smith, Mladen Savikj, Parneet Sethi, Simon Platt, Brendan M. Gabriel, John A. Hawley, David Dunstan, Anna Krook, Juleen R. Zierath, Erik Naslund, журнал American Journal of Physiology — Endocrinology and Metabolism, август 2021 г.

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