Justice is a privilege for the wealthy

Tomorrow, August 26, the Supreme Court will make public its final verdict on the death of Martina Rossi, the 20-year-old student who in 2011 fell from the window of a hotel in Palma de Mallorca where she went on vacation. Alessandro Albertoni and Luca Vanneschi were accused of attempted sexual violence and sentenced to 3 years on appeal.

Martina Rossi

Martina Rossi fell from a balcony on the sixth floor of a hotel in Palma de Mallorca, where she had gone on vacation with some friends. Investigations into the causes of his death led to a long and torturous trial that saw accused Alessandro Albertoni and Luca Vanneschi, both accused of attempted sexual violence. The two were sentenced on appeal to 3 years in prison. Waiting for the final verdict of the Supreme Court tomorrow, Martina’s father, Bruno Rossi, itogether with his wife Franca. “Ten years is an infinite time in a person’s life. They are also infinite for me who have already lived 80 years – explains the father of the 20-year-old student in an interview with Il Messaggero -. If I think about what 10 years are with the lack of a daughter who died in those circumstances, the only word that comes to my mind is “torment.” When I hear these boys speak, their lawyers, their experts, when I see these strong and healthy young men, surrounded by their parents, I always think of Martina. I think of the desire with which we have waited for her for so many years. She was a gift that arrived a long time after the wedding. She was calm, serene and loved life. Her death is not understandable to me, I’ve never accepted it. “

Bruno Rossi’s mind goes back to the night of the tragedy, when Martina falls from the balcony of a hotel room that is not hers. “The contradiction in the version of the two is glaring. The absurdity of the unusual end of this happy girl who suddenly falls out of a window in an unfamiliar room, without pants on and then remains 35 minutes to die in a tub. The people they were with instead of helping her, instead of going down to see what had happened to her, they started looking for alibis. They left her to die alone after 35 minutes of agony. Justice was too slow and laborious. Of course the truth. ‘they searched only in Italy, in Spain they said that Martina had attacked some people and that she had thrown herself out of the window. The investigations then clarified that this is not an accident. It was 2014 when the investigation ended and then there was it was a very long process. The first sentence established 6 years of imprisonment and then it was 2018. 7 years had already passed since Martina’s death. An exhausting journey that broke our hearts. There is talk of justice reform, but the experts miss a fundamental opinion: the real scandal is that it is a business for the wealthy. In recent years we have lost a lot of our savings to keep fighting. If we hadn’t had the money, we would have had to give up. Rich and poor do not have the same chances in front of the judges “.

The blog on the case of Luca Vanneschi

Rossi has never had a confrontation with the defendants except in the courtroom. Neither has ever tried to talk to him. “They have been silent for years – he says -. They have tried to rewrite the facts, only this. They are trying to do so also these days. Vanneschi has a blog in which he publishes the documents of the trial and claims to be the victim of a judicial error. . Just him who on social networks boasted of being an admirer of Vallanzasca and wore Scarface t-shirts. The first page of this site is the photo of the editorial J’accuse. The latest theatrical coup they are carrying out. The backlash of the blog is like throwing the ball off the pitch to buy time. This story has become a thriller that has fascinated everyone except Martina’s mom and dad, this is the truth. “

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The memory of the day they learned that Martina was no longer there is still in color in the mind of Papa Rossi. He can describe it with great clarity: he was in the garden cutting down an apricot tree that had dried up when five policemen reached him. “I thought I did something, but instead they gave me the news. My wife wasn’t there and I waited for it to arrive. We rushed to Spain but we didn’t know anything. They treated us very badly and there was an attempt to return. Martina executioner. With women it happens too often. Now we are exhausted, but we hope that a portion of the truth will be returned to us, even if it will never be total. I am convinced that they punched her in the face and threw her down. they took off her pants, she fought back and they killed her. What still haunts me is the fact that no one helped her after the fall.The coroner said she could have been saved, but instead she was left alone. I don’t know how those two young men will live, how they will have a wife or a girlfriend. If they had killed an ant, it would be the same thing for them. “


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