“Justin Timberlake you’re worth shit”

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Similar to the case of Britney Spears, a new docu-movie about Janet Jackson and the “wardrobe glitch” from the Super Bowl turned the public spotlight on Justin Timberlake who appeared with her, but came out clean from the same affair. Viewers were furious and unraveled on the networks: “Glad to see him exposed (again!). He’s only relevant because he stepped on powerful women”

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson in the Super Bowl halftime show | Photo: GettyImages – Frank Micelotta

When Britney Spears’ docu-film revealed his role in the media’s attitude towards the pop star, Justin Timberlake got his dose. Now that a docu-movie about Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe glitch” from the famous Super Bowl show has also aired, it turns out that all the arrows of criticism directed at the singer were just the beginning, and it really didn’t help that he had already apologized to the two.

As mentioned, Timberlake and Jackson performed together at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004 and the highlight of that performance was what has been labeled over the years as a “wardrobe malfunction” (by the singer himself) during which the singer’s chest was exposed. For the benefit of those who do not remember, we are told that a moment after that performance Jackson was the only one to be punished: suspension from MTV and her appearance at the Grammy ceremony scheduled to be a week later – was also canceled. Timberlake, by the way, at the same ceremony garnered the awards for Best Pop Singer and Best Pop Album.

As mentioned, the new film reveals Justin Timberlake’s true role throughout the scandal and the way the narrative was determined, which has done Jackson an injustice over the years. Viewers were quick to express their joy that the narrative had been rewritten on social media.

“I think the next series should be called ‘Justin Timberlake You Are Worth the Shit’, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson’s docu proved it!”, One article and another added: “Glad to see Justin Timberlake exposed (again!) “It has only become relevant thanks to the fact that it has stepped on powerful women like Brittany and Janet.”

Another viewer tweeted an old video of Justin’s performance laughing at the same “wardrobe glitch,” noting the Super Bowl and “revealing” his chest: “When Justin Timberlake took advantage of Janet Jackson’s misfortune.” As mentioned, the singer has already apologized on Instagram shortly after the Britney film came out, but according to the renewed rage that is flooding the networks, he is expected to respond again. And maybe something a little deeper than an Instagram post is better.

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