Juve-Benevento 0-1, Juventus flop and Pirlo disaster


Juventus sensationally lost at home to Benevento, which went 1-0 at the Allianz Stadium. The Campanians, who scored in the 74th minute with Gaich, conquer the 3 points against the disastrous formation of Pirlo. Juve, after the bad adventure in the Champions League, crowns the dark period with the defeat that cancels the residual ambitions of the championship and calls into question the qualification for the next Champions League.

The bianconeri, with the usual predictable game at a very slow pace, still manage to create more than one scoring opportunity. Morata wastes everything that happens between his feet, Ronaldo is there but he can’t be seen. Benevento defends himself with order and in the 74th minute he hits using a sensational mistake by Arthur, who gives the ball to Gaich: the attacker controls and hits the mark. Inzaghi’s team resists in the final, rises to 29 points and takes a step towards safety.


At 4 ‘it is Ronaldo who is seen in the bell area, his diagonal on the far post comes out very little. At 22 ‘Cr7 imposed by Morata who acts as a bank for Danilo, the shot is rejected by Tuia. On the opposite side, a long ball from Viola sees Tuia soar with his head, the ball just to the side.

Ten minutes later the Juventus restart with Morata entering the area but the diagonal is rejected by Montipò. Shortly after working for the Var, the Abyss referee granted a penalty to the hosts for a touch of Foulon in the area but reviewing the images corrects his decision. At 37 ‘, on the development of a corner De Ligt heads up, ball to Morata who shoots high from an inviting position.

The second half begins with the same script as the first, Juventus forward in search of the goal with Inzaghi’s 11 who defends himself with order and ready to restart on the counterattack. At 50 ‘ball on the left for Chiesa who tries the goal from a tight angle.

Juve insists, an action by Kulusevski who enters the area and right in the area tries a diagonal from an angled position but does not find the mirror. At 65 ‘Ronaldo, with his back to the goal, turns around and with a sudden low shot just barely finds the goal. Two minutes later the Juventus counterattack with Barba who, in order to arrive first on a cross in the area, risks his own goal by forcing Montipò to hit the kidneys to save himself in the corner.

At 70 ‘Benevento took the lead, Arthur tried a horizontal pass on the line of the area, Gaich intercepted the ball, defended himself from Danilo’s intervention and with a shot at the edge of the post mocked Szczesny. Two minutes later Foulon slips into the area and knocks out Chiesa: the penalty appears to be sunny, but the referee Abisso lets go. 15 ‘from the end Bernardeschi tries with a volley, high ball. Pirlo puts in McKennie and Bentancur in place of Rabiot and Arthur.

At 80 ‘Ronaldo wins the contrast with a defender and enters the area, the close shot is raised over the crossbar by Montipò. Cr7 took us shortly after with a spectacular oversized overhead kick. At 86 ‘free kick from the edge for Ronaldo, the Portuguese shot hits the barrier. Final siege of Juventus with Montipò called to overtime, first on a close shot by Ronaldo and again on Cr7 a minute later, on the rejected wasteful Danilo who kicks high a stone’s throw from the goal. After 4 minutes of recovery comes the referee’s whistle.


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