Juve capital gains, what they risk: Codacons wants relegation and revocation of the league titles

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Juve capital gains, what risks: if the allegations are confirmed, Codacons asks for the relegation to Serie B and the revocation of the Scudetti won for the Bianconeri

Take a big risk Juventus for the inquiry on fictitious capital gains started from prosecutor of Turin. The investigations concern all the Juventus leaders, from Andrea Agnelli to the vice president Pavel Nedved. The accusations are of false accounting and issuing of invoices for non-existent transactions. For its part, the club defends itself after the searches by claiming to not having violated the lawi my he title collapses in Piazza Affari. Codacons also intervened on the issue, stating in a note that the news opened “a real Pandora’s box, considering that in recent years many operations involving the Juventus club had made football fans and opinion leaders turn up their noses. “.

Juve capital gains, what is the risk

“In particular, the capital gains in the transfer market and the fees to the prosecutors registered in the budgets of three sports seasons, from the one ended on June 30, 2019 to the latest, which ended on June 30 this year. – affirms the association in defense of consumers – In total there are capital gains of 282 million euros in three years ‘characterized by fraudulently increased values’, according to the Prosecutor’s Office; an investigation of the matter was already open Consob, the Commission that supervises listed companies, which began on 12 July “.

“The accusatory system is very serious – continues the president of the Codacons, Marco Donzelli – and throws a sinister light on the latest football championships also because, as we know, there has been a real Juventus dominance in recent years, which ended last year. If the Juventus should it have illegally taken advantage of rival clubs with operations of this type, then the regularity of the last football championships would fail and, as a consequence, the Federation and the Market Competition Authority will have to intervene and sanction those responsible. Beyond individual responsibilities, the club cannot be exempt from punishment. For this and for the protection of thousands of fans, – he concludes – we will present an exhibit at theAntitrust and to Federal Prosecutor asking for the relegation of the Juventus club in B series and the revocation of the last championships won with the shadow of these potentially illegal operations “.

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