Juve-Napoli, Rome protests: the letter to the League


Lega Serie A postpones Juventus-Napoli to 7 April and Roma asks for clarification with a letter.

Here is the text that Rome sent to the Lega, to president Paolo Dal Pino, to Luigi De Siervo, and to the head of competitions, Andrea Butti. “Dear Sirs, we are amazed to learn of the publication of your Official Statement N.219 of 12.03 2021 (Attached) with which the postponement of the” recovery of the match of the 3rd first leg of the Serie A Tim Juventus-Napoli Championship has been arranged. , originally scheduled for 17.03.2021, at 6.45 pm, as established in your previous Official Statement N. 205 of 03.03.2021 (also attached) “, reads the letter from the Giallorossi club.” From the same Official Statement N.219 of 1203 2021, we learned that the postponement decision was adopted by the President of the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A ‘at the request of Juventus Fc and SSC Napoli “.

“We are aware that, pursuant to paragraph 2 of Art. 29 of the Statute and Regulations of the LNPA in force, the President may order the change in the date of an official tender following a request from one or both of the companies involved. However, from paragraph 4 of the same Art. 29, it is clear that requests must be made in writing at least 15 days before the date on which the championship match should take place. We therefore ask you to know when such requests have been forwarded by the two Clubs in question , in order to ascertain the regularity of the obligations “, asks Rome.

“We ask you, above all, to make us aware of the appropriate reasons of sporting interest which, as is known, must be the basis of your provision for referral in derogation. At present, in fact, it is completely devoid of adequate justification except for the implicit one of favoring the calendar of SSC Napoli which was supposed to meet the undersigned club on the following Sunday 21 March “.


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