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To better understand Juve let’s first try to simply examine the technical data that emerge from these 29 championship days. Then a general synthesis can be attempted. The first obvious conclusion is that the team figure is missing.

The defence

difficult to decide on the basic formation

. Very few have played enough to be called owners. Let’s start with the defense. The first fixed reference is the 29 games played. The second is considered to be the owner who plays the game from the beginning. We then have De Ligt with 15 appearances, Chiellini with 9, Danilo 26, Demiral 10, Bonucci 19, Alex Sandro 10. clearly lacking a reference line, that is the basis of a team.

The midfield

Let’s move on to the midfield

. McKennie has 15 appearances, Rabiot 17, Arthur 10, Bentancur 19, Ramsey, who is not a pure midfielder, 12. Here the problem becomes more serious. There are only four real midfielders and all with different characteristics. There is only one director, Arthur, and only a half-wing of stability, Bentancur. The other two are fictional attackers. There is a second, even more important problem: four midfielders are barely enough in a two-player scheme, that is with the exteriors to the sides. But if you just change your game and bring in the third one, as has happened many times, you have no more reserves. The choices run out, so do the game possibilities. Only those who can go on the pitch. The low individual attendance proves this. The one who played the most was Bentancur, who often had a different partner at his side. This leads to discontinuity, so it produces no play. There is a fact that perhaps indicates something important, without having it for all the strength. In the four Juventus defeats, Arthur was absent twice (with Inter substitute), while playing in the match they won at San Siro with Milan, Juve’s best match in the league. Almost certainly the final clue to understanding that team he needs a technical reference, perhaps faster than Arthur, more personality, but with those characteristics. The confusion of the midfield did not compromise the defensive phase. This is quite strange. Juve still have the best defense now and been 9 games without conceding a goal, like Inter Milan and Milan. Only Atalanta did better. How do you explain this defensive hold in an obviously disrupted team? With the good side coverage provided by Cuadrado, Alex Sandro and Frabotta, each with their own timing and merits. And with the However superior quality of Szczesny, fundamental as Donnarumma in the difference of Milan. The two midfielders who played the most, Bentancur and Rabiot, also remained fairly low on the pitch. This was the ultimate cover.

And a goal

It is no coincidence that the goals have decreased. Juve scored 10 fewer than Inter

, 12 less than Atalanta. For 10 games he has not scored or scored only one goal. Not missed Ronaldo, 24 goals in 24 games started from the beginning, perhaps in its best season in Italy. But it was more decisive Lukaku who scored in 16 games, while Ronaldo in 14. Without considering Muriel, only 9 appearances from the start and goals in 14 games. However, things from the top. The void arrived from Dybala and also Morata. They did not hurt, there were little, 17 Morata and 8 Dybala appearances, 9 goals in two. Neither of them had a reserve to match. These departmental weaknesses have led to an overall weakness that is now rightfully worth fourth.

The fourth place

This position can also be summarized in a given: out of 12 points available, Juve scored only four points against the top four, he beat Milan and lost to Inter and Napoli. He beat Lazio and Rome, who are in fact sixth and seventh. There is even better data. The strength of the defense, the number of defeats that are 4 like Milan, one less than Atalanta, half of those of Naples. For now, one less than the last Allegri and three less than Sarri. There is the affirmation of Chiesa, the complex but sure progression of Kulusevski, the confirmation at very high levels of Ronaldo, a phase of change that was inevitable to face that went very far anyway.

Pirlo’s exemption?

The mistake lies in comparing this Juve with those of the past

. something different, but there are also many important players in this Juve. Finally, the errors are evident. Impossible not to know where to intervene. I think I’ll be competitive again next season. And here we are at the last point: with or without Pirlo? Certainly without. Pirlo is an excellent coach who must have the humility to start from the bottom and learn a trade that not only tactic but also relationships with others. Not being understood or not fully understood by others, often means saying things to others that are incomprehensible.

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