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Kochi: After BJP state president K Surendran’s public denial of the halal controversy, party state spokesperson Sandeep Warrier drowned in a Facebook post. Sandeep Warrier has withdrawn a post he shared on Facebook regarding the halal controversy, saying, “It is not emotion, but wisdom that should lead the halal controversy.” Following the posting, there was a huge outcry from the Sangh Parivar ranks. Sandeep Warrier has been a staunch supporter of racism in the past, including in the halal food controversy.

Sandeep Warrier, a disciplined party worker, said in a Facebook post that he was withdrawing his personal post after the party’s stand was announced by state president K Surendran. A post saying that hatred should not be spread and that everyone should stand together has been ridiculed by many on social media as anti-party and should be withdrawn because it is “a special kind of party”.

The post was based on the idea of ​​how hard it must have been for the owner to build the hotel chain. However, Sandeep Warrier alleged in a Facebook post that the media had misinterpreted the party’s position and misunderstood the activists. K Surendran told the media that the appearance of halal boards was not naive and that there was a definite agenda behind the creation of halal culture. Sandeep Warrier later withdrew the post.

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