Kadyrov canceled all coronavirus restrictions in Chechnya

All restrictive measures that were in place in Chechnya to combat the spread of coronavirus are canceled, said the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.

“The incidence is approaching zero, and only a few patients are in intensive care units. Therefore, I have decided to lift all restrictions imposed in order to combat COVID-19,” he said, his words are quoted by the Grozny Inform agency.

Kadyrov made this decision after listening to the report of the head of the regional operational headquarters for the prevention of the importation and spread of a new coronavirus infection, Deputy Prime Minister of Chechnya Elkhan Suleimanov. He called the epidemiological situation in the republic favorable and noted that on some days the increase in new cases of COVID-19 is no longer observed.

Earlier, in addition to the mask regime, which was introduced by Rospotrebnadzor throughout Russia, a number of restrictions were in effect in Chechnya. For example, it was possible to visit catering establishments, shopping centers, organizations providing various services and government institutions only if there was a negative PCR test, a QR code of a person who had been ill or vaccinated, or a certificate of medical exemption from vaccination. In addition, those over 65, pregnant women, and people with chronic illnesses were required to work remotely.

According to the federal operational headquarters, 16 new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in Chechnya over the past 24 hours, and one patient with COVID-19 has died. At the same time, there has not yet been a single day when new infected people have not been discovered in the republic. However, since the end of February, the daily increase in deaths has indeed been zero.

Over the entire period of the pandemic, coronavirus was found in 42,533 residents of Chechnya, of which 33,590 recovered, 1,073 died, and the rest are currently sick. The level of herd immunity in the republic, as of March 4, was 28.3% against the target of 80%.


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