Kafir Adri studies the group

Gidi Lipkin

Mixed. Adri with Abramov (Neam Moreno)

Kafir Adri, who started serving as the general manager of Beitar Jerusalem, studied the team well in the last week. Beit and Gan say that he carefully examines all the financial reports of the group to learn all the details of the expenses alongside the income, checks what everyone is doing in the group and is expected to adjust the conduct and expenses to the budget.

In Bnei Yehuda, Adri kept the coffers of owner Barak Abramov well, and Beit Vagan expects that he will do the same now in Beitar. There is no doubt that he will introduce other patterns of conduct that he wants to see in the group so that they do not pour unlimited funds in the near future.

From now on, Adri is involved in all the contracts that are signed and in fact in all the expenses that there are in Beitar when Abramov gave him the keys. Speaking of Abramov, the new owner will arrive today (Wednesday) for the first time at the Beit Vegan training complex and will hold meetings with the club’s staff, future sponsors, etc.

will meet with the club members.  Abramov (Radad Jabara)will meet with the club members. Abramov (Radad Jabara)

The outgoing CEO, Moni Brosh, is expected to give Adri an orderly overlap, as he is also conducting negotiations on a number of sponsors for the coming season, and in the group he is noted favorably for this conduct.

Regarding the suitability of Teddy Stadium for games, the fire that broke out in the electrical system and its consequences are less serious than they thought. Everything depends on the grass surface that was damaged because of the Maccabiah games and it is estimated that according to the plan, at the beginning of September the Jerusalem teams will be able to return to play in the capital.

By the way, only about 2,700 subscriptions have been sold so far and Beitar fans are in no rush to purchase a subscription.

Aboxis and Kriaf after the loss to Hapoel Tel Aviv

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