Kaloor Dennis Opens Up Once Shalini Has More Fans Than Megastar Mammootty, Revelation Viral The wall of the house collapsed when people came to see Shalini; Dennis says more people came to see Shalini than Mammootty

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‘Mohanlal and Bharat Gopi were the heroes in’ Mamattikuttyamma ‘but from the beginning to the end it was the role of Baby Shalini. Shalini, who was only three years old at the time, was amazed to see the flashes of acting on her face and the harmony, the quarrel, the quarrel and her work. Then we did not have to think of anything. That night, he called Fazil and inquired about the child.

He is a Malayalee boy from Madras. Good smart. And will act well. Fazil also gave his father Babu’s number along with the positive qualities. So Shalini was brought to the movie Chakkarayumma. Chakkarayumma’s shooting is taking place in Ernakulam. Shalini plays the daughter of Mammootty and Kajal Kiran. The four-and-a-half day long shooting was at my house in Kaloor. The movie also shows Mammootty and Kajal Kiran in a rented house.

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Women and children thronged to see Shalini more than Mammootty, who is rising to superstardom. With this, a part of our house collapsed to the wall. Kaloor Dennis says that she has never seen such a cute little girl in any of the child actors in the film till then. After Chakkarayumma, Shalini also acted in Sandarbham.

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Shalini’s graph, which became popular through both these films, was very high. Even though Mammootty and Mohanlal are there, everyone wants family pictures with Baby Shalini. Despite being told that I did not want to do films with the same pattern, Joshi and I had to do several films at the insistence of the producers. Later, Minimol made a film in the Vatican, a story set in Germany. It was imperative for the producer to have a scene where Shalini sees the Pope. So inside St. Peter’s Church in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI took the scene of blessing Shalini. Baby Shalini was a film star who was fortunate enough to receive blessings from Pope John Paul II. Says Dennis.

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