kamal haasan corona: Will Big Boss come this week Kamal? Here is the statement released by him – kamal back to host bigg boss 5: thanks fans and bigg boss team in statement

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  • I returned to work today after finishing the hospital stay.
  • My thanks to the Big Boss team and Vijay TV friends: Kamal

Actor Kamal Haasan, who is suffering from corona infection, is currently back home. And his quarantine period ended yesterday. So the question arises as to whether he will be coming to the Big Boss show today.

Kamal Haasan is currently releasing a report on it. “I finished my hospital stay and returned to work today,” he said. So Kamal is all set to re-host the Bigg Boss show.

Hosted by Ramya Krishnan last week, Kamal spoke for only a few minutes via video call. Earlier it was said that it is doubtful that he will come this week as well, however now Kamal is back on the show which is making the fans happy.

“My thanks to director Lokesh Kanagaraj, Vikram film crew, Bigg Boss team and Vijay TV friends for effectively handling my leave,” Kamal said in the statement.

And Kamal is thanking everyone who prayed that he would be healed.

Here is his statement ..

Kamal Statement


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